Action Plan

When I launched my campaign several weeks ago I said that I wanted to take the next several weeks to listen to residents to hear their views, concerns and ideas. 

As well, I said that based on the information I hear, I would release a series of policies on what I would do if I am fortunate enough to be elected as your Mayor.

I’ve knocked on countless doors throughout the township, spoke to people on the phone and through social media and I have responded to many via email. My Town Hall meeting and two organized candidate’s meetings allowed for further discussion about issues that matter to you.

Through that work I have established an action plan that details items that I will work to accomplish as your Mayor. There are 50 specific items that I am committing to put energy to during the next term of Council. Items that you can hold me accountable to.

Further, the work of listening doesn’t stop here. I am committed to continuing conversations with citizens between now and election day on October 24th…. and beyond if I’m elected. While elections come around in 4-year cycles, community engagement should be throughout, and I will continue to make that a priority if elected.

Please note that in no ways are they listed in a way that represents priority, rather they are a group of action items that I intend on working on over a four-year term.


1. Within the first 90-days begin a strategic plan process to set forth Council priorities in the coming term.
2. Develop a long-term plan that addresses our infrastructure needs and sets a vision for our community 20-40 years out.
3. Be present in the community year-round to meet with citizens and attend community events.
4. Increase communication from the Township to citizens through the use of social media, an updated newsletter and strengthening media partnerships.
5. Work to identify and engage the knowledge capital within our own community to find creative solutions.
6. Actively listen and run meetings respectfully.
7. Work with and support individual members of Council to empower them to share ideas and apply their knowledge and skills.
8. Build and create new partnerships with other municipalities so we can continue to identify ways to operate more efficiently.
9. Be a strong voice on County Council to represent Douro Dummer citizens.

Bring the Community Together

10. Resume in-person Council and Committee meetings while encouraging access and engagement through online streaming.
11. Continue to support community-wide events such as parades, the Douro Doings, Fishing Tournament, Cruise Nights and various Library events.
12. Create partnerships to encourage and support organizers of community events in our facilities through creating an event planning guide for our facilities.
13. Set policies that encourage and invite citizens to get involved in our decision-making and community initiatives.

On Roads & Infrastructure

14. Identify specific road safety issues and work to solve them.
15. Create a plan that not only addresses ongoing maintenance needs but also looks at updating our road network.
16. Create a framework for people living on private roads so they can access maintenance materials more affordably.
17. Put in place short and long-term plans to address our aging community centers/arenas, library and recreation needs.
18. Move forward with Warsaw Fire Hall and Public Works facility construction planning.
19. Continue to lobby for expanded internet and cell phone network coverage.

On Finance

20. With Council, set out a four-year budget plan to establish a framework for planning.
21. Continue to support the implementation of the Service Delivery Review that identifies ways to modernize our operations and become more efficient.
22. Work collaboratively with provincial and federal governments to access available funding.
23. Seek opportunities for public private partnerships to attract new community investment.
24. Work to ensure that financial reporting deadlines are met.
25. Continue to find ways to partner with other municipalities to save money and leverage economies of scale.

Environment & Climate Change

26. Put in place an updated Emergency Response Plan to help serve citizens in their time of need during catastrophic weather events.
27. Establish better communication systems and tools so information can be adequately shared in a timely manner.
28. Work with neighbouring municipalities and lake stewardship groups to address issues like shoreline erosion and invasive species.
29. Support grass roots efforts to restore our lakes, rivers and natural spaces.
30. Invest in necessary equipment like chainsaws and backup power for critical operations so we can clean up from significant weather events quickly.
31. Investigate options to further expand our existing solar panels and consider alternative feed-in programs.
32. Review our purchasing policies and make changes to prioritize green alternatives.
33. Partner with organizations like Camp Kawartha, GreenUp, Watershed Canada, Lakefield College School and Peterborough Public Health to demonstrate and sustainable best practices.

Inflation & Housing Crisis

34. Work with the province to amend the definitions in the Planning Act to provide more flexibility on settlement area boundaries and development as recommended by the Rural Ontario Municipal Association Task Force earlier this year.
35. Seek to obtain delegated authority for defining ‘rural character’ to municipalities to give greater control and shorten planning processes and avoid potential appeals to the provincial tribunal.
36. Encourage Tiny Homes and work with the province to get regulation clarity as it relates to septic systems, fixtures and density.
37. Create policy that looks to rejuvenate or renovate existing vacant land or buildings.
38. Encourage proactive maintenance planning so we can take advantage of better pricing.

Health & Seniors

39. Help seniors stay in their home by working with organizations like Canada Home Share and build partnerships to connect people who are looking to share space.
40. Investigate options to provide affordable transit through partnering with other service providers.
41. Support the work of the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus to work and consult with the Ontario Government on community paramedicine to improve patient wellness and 911 calls and reduce repeat hospital admissions. This includes working to upload paramedic costs back to the province as well as working to reduce overlap or duplication.
42. Build further community partnerships to provide programming and resources to help people stay active.

Short Term Rentals

43. Establish a licensing system that will allow for respectful use of properties for rentals and allows the Township to revoke or not renew licenses if there are issues. The licensing should include lake stewardship measures as well as education on being a good host.
44. Work to strengthen our nuisance by-laws so the offenders and hosts are penalized for their disregard to the neighbourhood.
45. Establish an accommodation tax to be collected by short term rental companies to help fund the enforcement and licensing administration.

Business, Growth and Economic Development

46. Prioritize existing programs that support business retention and expansion.
47. Remove outdated signs and replace faded signs to build a sense of community pride and support tourism initiatives.
48. Work with Peterborough Economic Development to attract new investment into the region.
49. Support agriculture initiatives by working with the province to help farmers maximize prime agricultural land.
50. Address ongoing issues and concerns with building permitting that cause costly delays and hinder development.

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