Donwood, ON – Residents in Donwood are getting new playground equipment after almost two years without any.

In 2018, residents learned that their beloved Clintonia Park was going to lose the majority of its playground equipment. The original equipment had been deemed unsafe and removed.

“We all knew the equipment was old and likely unsafe, but generations of families have played on that equipment. When I heard they were removing it I wanted to ensure that there would
be something there for future generations to enjoy,” said Angela Bullock, a lifetime resident of the community.

When the Donwood Parks Committee was formed in early 2019 the first order of business was to address the need to replace the equipment at Clintonia Park. Since then a committee of
volunteers, Douro-Dummer Township staff and Council members have been working to rebuild Clintonia Park.

There was budget set aside, but not nearly enough to satisfy the community’s vision. Fundraising efforts were boosted with a significant grant which allowed for the planning and
site preparations to take place. The final site preparations were completed in December 2020, and the site is now awaiting the installation of the equipment and appropriate ground cover.
Committee Chair Marc Trudeau noted, “The equipment has been ordered, once we are able to get the installers on site we will be ready, with the exception for final landscaping which will
happen in the spring.”

The committee is still looking to secure funding through community fundraising efforts. There were plans to hold a community fundraiser to engage the children and neighbourhood, but
COVID-19 has made that impossible. There are hopes to hold a fundraising event in 2021.

“Everybody in the neighbourhood is very excited to see their new park finished. With all the site prep work completed and we’re hoping to install the equipment very soon,” says Trudeau.

The picturesque park is nestled alongside a creek in the Kingsdale neighbourhood and serves approximately 500 residents in the Donwood community.