It’s been a bit of a spell since I’ve provided an update on a Council meeting. Partially due to having a summer meeting schedule with limited meetings in July and August and also due to time constraints. Going forward I will work to produce an update for each meeting.

On the October 5, 2021 Agenda we have a few items worth noting:

  • Short Term Rentals Presentation from Rhonda Keenan of Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development
    • This is a follow up to a delegation we received earlier this year from concerned residents about the seemingly negative impact short term rentals have on the area. At the time Council resolved to get public input in time for the 2022 summer rental season.
  • Wildfire Golf Course Rezoning Application
  • Road Risk Assessment – Public Works are recommending that we increase the scope of the agreement we have with DM Wills to include an assessment of Birchview Road.
    • This is subsequent to ongoing dialogue with residents and Council to address safety concerns along the road.
  • Donwood Parks Committee Disbandment
    • The committee has achieved their goals with significant improvements to the parks in the Donwood Community.
  • Santa Clause Parade Alternatives
    • Last meeting it was suggested by the committee that we forego the parade again this year due to health and safety concerns. The committee has some recommendations as to how we could celebrate instead.

Of course, the entire agenda is available for your review on the Township website.