Council is scheduled to meet at our Regular Council meeting on October 20, 2020. Due to the pandemic we are still meeting by Zoom and the meetings are streamed live on YouTube. People can tune in and watch live at 5:00 p.m. or see the recording at their leisure. The complete agenda is available on the Township website. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Building Permit Fees Review – The Building Department is presenting a detailed Fee Review Study for feedback in anticipation of new fees being set at an upcoming meeting.
  • Low Level Deck Policy – A report from the Chief Building Official in response to a notice of motion by Deputy Mayor Moher to not require permits on low level decks.
  • Employee Benefit Renewal – The staff benefit package is up for renewal and the proposed plan is being presented.
  • 2021 Council Meeting Schedule – A report that sets the dates of the Regular Council Meetings for 2021.
  • Warsaw Swing Bridge Closure – The CAO is recommending that staff work with other officials to investigate detour route options. This is a big issue for residents and businesses – I’ve outlined more details on my blog.
  • Peterborough Green-Up Request for Support – The organization is requesting $2500 of in-kind staff support to support their ongoing work.
  • Police Services Board Request – The Board is asking Council to consider a speed reduction approaching the Highway 28/County Road 4 intersection

There are a number of Correspondence Items on the Agenda including:

  • Request to alter approval requirements on Bill 197
  • Ministry of Solicitor General regarding anti-racism initiatives
  • Request to increase penalties for unauthorized car rallies