At Council on February 19, I made the following remarks about our Canada Day Parade. The motion was supported by Council.

They say that volunteers are the lifeblood of any community.

And in Douro Dummer Township it couldn’t be any more true.

Currently, we have passionate community members who serve on various committees.

All of whom do it for their own personal reasons, but largely to help make Douro Dummer a more vibrant place for all.

As most of you know, last year myself, along with Julie Chatten, the Knights of Columbus, and Paul Meade all helped to organize the Canada Day Parade after long-time organizer, Annette Dunford stepped back. Annette was instrumental in helping behind the scenes in ensuring that the tradition continued.

Although July seems a long time away, people are beginning to think ahead and have expressed interest in organizing the event again.

The past several years, the parade has been organized with volunteers and helpful staff. However, unlike the Warsaw Santa Clause Parade it has not had the benefit of being an official committee of Council.

Although staff supported the parade by supplying road barricades and promotion, there is no formal direction from Council for them to help out.

Currently, there are recruitment efforts underway for the Santa Clause Parade Committee, yet the Canada Day Parade Committee cannot benefit from similar recruitment efforts.

Therefore I move that the Canada Day Parade be recognized as an official Township event;

And that and as such, receive formal support from Council and staff by being recognized as an official Committee of Council.