Since August I have been canvassing residents in Douro Ward. Whether it’s from folks living on the northern edge in Young’s Point, to the families in Donwood and the people of Douro or the farmers on the concessions…the number one issue I’m hearing is that our residents want value for their tax dollar.

Value for dollar comes in many different forms. But at the heart of it, our residents want good value for the money spent.

Money spent on infrastructure:
We have two arenas that don’t meet modern day needs. They are losing $250,000 each year due to high maintenance costs. Costs that could be avoided if we invest in them.
That’s value for dollar.

Our roads:
I’m not sure what happened this year but crews were out putting gravel on a number of concession roads. However you wouldn’t know it because they’re all washboard again.
Strickland Street, Daleview Road have both been filled with so many patches they could have been re-paved by now.
Value for dollar.

Clear garbage bags:
Residents are now taking garbage and organic waste to work with them so they can dispose of it. Meanwhile, we are left paying for half-full garbage trucks to go down the road.
Value for dollar.

As your Douro Ward Councillor, I want to give you the best value for your dollars.

I am committed to investment over repetitive maintenance. Where it makes sense to do so, I will support borrowing money to make necessary infrastructure investments; saving residents from ongoing, preventable maintenance costs.

We need to fix our roads. I am committed to maintaining the road work plan that was approved and to do what is necessary to expedite that work.

As for the clear garbage bag program, I support suspending the rules on organics, allowing residents to put them in their garbage until we can find a more sensible solution.

Finally, above all, you need a Councillor who will listen, who is accessible. To make sure that you are getting value for your tax dollars. I promise to reply to you, whether it’s by email or phone, facebook messenger, text or even mail. You deserve to be heard and I will listen.
I will put forward a motion to revise the procedural by-law to allow for the recording and distribution of Council meetings. Because you should be able to access the decision making process.
As well, I will hold regular Town Hall style meetings in the Douro Ward, to encourage and invite feedback on how you are getting value for your dollars.

Friends, online and telephone voting has opened. It’s time you get the value for your tax dollars that you deserve. Please vote for me and encourage your friends and family to do the same.