Last night I participated in the second All Candidates Meeting for Douro Dummer Township. The event was organized by the Kawartha Chamber of Commerce and the Dummer News. Over the years, I have been to a number of All Candidates Meetings held at the Douro Community Centre and I would hazard to say, this had the greatest attendance by far. Our residents are engaged and want to hear from their candidates.

For those of you who could not attend, I want to summarize some of the issues that were discussed.

One key theme was the environment. Our residents enjoy the natural environment that surrounds us; from our lakes to our trees and agricultural land. It is probably safe to say that it defines us as a community. We love it and we want to protect it.

The infrastructure was another main theme including discussion around the poor condition of our roads, maintaining our arenas and parks as well as programming for youth, families and seniors. Recreational opportunities and places for our community to gather is something that we value.

Finally, the topic of planning was also well discussed. The need to ensure that we have sustainable growth that recognizes and respects the fragile environment. The need for area farms to expand and diversify in order to succeed into the future. Economic growth through expanding services like internet to attract small businesses and tourism to the area. These are all important factors that will contribute to our Township’s economic viability long into the future.

There was a general feeling that we need to make some changes as a Township to move forward while respecting the traditions that we have long celebrated and that define our community. Which is what I am committed to doing. I am running on a platform of respecting tradition and welcoming progress. It’s time that we move forward, together as a community. It’s time for change.